Love from the heart… Do you know the signs? Do you love someone with all your heart? What is love from the heart?

Let me get to the point by beginning to share a list of signs when you or someone loves another with all their heart.

1- to begin with, love begins as a feeling, then with a thought, and finaly…  Thought turns into an act of love.

2- thoughtfulness. When you love someone, all you can think about is how can you put a smile on the that person’s (you love) face.  When you love, your brain (or the brain of the person who loves you) begin to generate thoughts of little scenarios that would cause a happy face, a hug, an “I love you” or a kiss (perhaps all of the above which would be even better) in return.

3-  this one is a tough one since you can’t tell a person what to think. TRUST. when you love (or someone loves you) someone, you are careful to not commit actions that will cause the one you love (or loves you) to doubt you. And when I say “Careful” I mean it in a sense of respect for the one you love. Not as in “Careful” don’t get caught!

4- finally there’s four… When you love someone, ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS…..  Why do you love? Does he/she give you reasons to love him/her?

To tell you the truth my friend, love is a give and take situation. I mean there must be a reason why you so badly want to do 1- 2 – & 3 as mentioned above.

Truth be told… the whole reason I am sharing this, is so hopefully, if will help people out there know the difference between wooing someone for keeps, wooing someone for benefit, and wooing someone just for the satisfaction of gaining control or boost of ego.

Scary , I know…. In the end my friend, I advice you,to never give up wooing.. but do so by paying attention to the reasons of why you’re doing it. If you give and give and never get results of your production… Then let go and move on.

Trust me, you can love with all you got, and if all you getting is pain that feels like stabs to your chest and tears of sorrow in return. Stop working so hard cause you ain’t getting paid.

With that said I love you all good luck…

Yours truly, Ms Lovely