If you are in love, but the person you’re in love with doesn’t give a rat’s ass how you feel for him/her…. It hurts, I know!

It is said that it takes a nail to take another nail out. Perhaps, take all that you invested on one person, and shop around. Go invest your time, love, and energy else where. You’ll find someone else that will appreciate you and will give you the love you long for in the past. Don’t be a loser…. Be a winner! 😀

In my case my nail is my baby. I’m bout to give birth.. I’ll invest my love on her and myself, instead of doing so with someone that doesn’t even reply back to any of my messages!

Not gonna lie, I haven’t heard from my boyfriend in 2 weeks… Perhaps he broke up with me… I’m missing him and falling appart lol I’m a mess. At times I wish I was dead to avoid this pain I feel.

We can’t run from the pain… losing someone you love without  closure tends to grow a painful thorn in your heart and bitter tears full of questions about what happend… wtf did i do wrong. But I won’t be a mess for ever 😊 no one dies from heart break. Life goes on….

So you see, I’m a real person, with real problems, that make real mistakes, and feels real pain. I’m not perfect, I continue to share my mistakes and perhaps it helps another not make the mistake I did.

 My mistake is to fall deep in love with a married man. A married man who from the beginning told me he had marriage issues, I myself was going (and still am) going through the same situation. Only I did meant it when I said I planned on moving on and it is still my plan. When that married guy saw how deep my love was getting for him and even got pregnant by him…. Well, I haven’t heard anything from him in two weeks. No closure. No reason. No bye. No nothing. 

Yes I’m heartbroken, yes I cry myself to sleep everyday looking at his pictures, yes I email him, text him, call him, look for him, chase him… Lol yeah I know! I’m nuts! I fell hard. He managed to get deep in my bones…. In my soul. I still love him. But it’s time for me to move on. . . Like I said even though I wish I was dead to avoid this nasty bitter pain that feels like a giant elephant is sitting on my chest. . . There are no death cases caused by heart break. Well, unless it’s a psycho person and decides to go killing people because boo-hoo he/she don’t love him/her. Lol so not my case….. I promise 😂😂😂

 Life goes on (wait already said that but leave me alone… This is me trying to convince myself that everything will be ok)…..


Yours Truly,Ms Lovely

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