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 Welcome to my blog. 


People know me as Ms Lovely. I have helped a lot of friends and friends of friends to enhance their relationship, in which why I’m here. Although I may not have a Couples Therapy degree or license to be any sort of counselor, I believe I have enough experience and wisdom through life’s well learned lessons.

I think I would be a great sex therapist, I don’t know… You be the judge.

I like to warn you, I am pretty blunt, I won’t sugar coat the truth, won’t beat anyone around the bush, and I certainly do Not take sides. Yes, it takes two to make it or two to break it, but in the end there is always a source to a problem. Problems in a relationship always start somewhere and inevitably eventually lead to a trail of solutions. There’s nothing you can’t fix other than death. Where there is a will there is a way.

So my blog here, is generally tips to help relationships whether new,starting over, or broken…. Maybe even,to help one move on with the least possible pain.

I am also an artist, so you may see my own drawings in a few of my blogs.  I also have a tumblr called “Art Of My Mind” . Why Art Of My Mind? Because everything I draw, are usually thoughts. Using charcoal and sketch paper, I stare at the white blank piece of paper… and like magic, I transfer the image that I processed in my mind onto this paper. I begin to visualize it then quickly begin to trace it with my charcoal pencils. Every art peace have a meaning. I have never been public, so be nice lol other than that, feel free to check it out by clicking the link above. Thank you…

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely


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