10 Things On How It’s Never Going To Work Out

That feeling that tells you it's never going to work... But you refuse to listen to your own instincts because you been blinded and bitch slapped by love. The following are signs that tells you that love is not on your favor with a current partner. For some reason the laws of the universe does … Continue reading 10 Things On How It’s Never Going To Work Out

Sex vs Relationship

Sex in a relationship is very important. However, sex is not the main focus. Sex is the feel good in an intimate level. Sex brings you closer to your partner and keeps the love for one another ardent. The more you experiment with sex with one another and the more open minded you are about … Continue reading Sex vs Relationship

7 Signs of Histrionic Personality Disorder

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I was recently asked to explain histrionic personality disorder also known as HPD. Histrionic personality disorder is a psychological disorder that can affect both men and women. A person wth HPD will have an insatiable need to be theĀ center of attention. It is as though they have a hole in their soul. They often are described as drama queens and display outlandish dramatic behavior to get the attention they crave. A person with HPD has no sense of self and needs others to serve as their mirror.

1. Uncomfortable when not the center of attention
A person who suffers from HPD needs to be the center of attention at all times. It is as if they only feel alive when others are watching them. They appear to lackā€¦

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